After 4 plus years of managing an AT&T store, we decided to open our own store.  Our goal was to offer a honest service with excellent customer service.  A business where customers do not stay on the phone for hours only to be offered everything except what you called about.  Then bam! You get your bill and no one told you about activation fees and one thing or another.  A “No pressure” store.  We can do that because our sales employees do not have quotas or pressure to meet numbers in order to get paid.   In fact, we are so confident that we will put your request in writing and explain to you how it affects your bill.   On top of that you do not even have to come in.  Just give us a call or send us a message and we can provide you with whatever you need.  Even if it is just a question.

Our approach paid off!  Our store was given so many “extras” that we were speechless.  We can offer VISA cards to give out to our customers.   And you still get those onetime offers from AT&T.  So, if you call AT&T and they offer you $100.00 to sign up for Direct TV, we can help you with that and give you another $100.00 VISA card from us.  In most cases we can offer $250.00 in a VISA card if you’re just needing to add a line.  Plus, you still qualify for regular promotions.  Free phones plus a $250.00 VISA card.

We are just wanting to bring back customer service.  No hold time, no automated phone system, just real people helping you – the customer.  You deserve it!